Playground 2017

Welcome to the Inclusive Learning Network’s playground, Engaging Diverse Learners in STEAM Projects! At our playground, we’ll be sharing some resources that relate to design thinking, accessible tools, learning environments, and assistive technologies! For those attending in person, you’ll have an opportunity to engage in hands-on making that involves assistive technology tools.

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Design Thinking and UDL

Learn about the importance of empathy in design, from a UDL lens.

Accessible Tools for Representation

Learn about ways to make your content accessible on the fly using iOS and Chrome.

Accessible Creation Tools

Learn about accessible coding apps and creativity apps that allow for multiple means of engagement.

Designing the Learning Environment

Learn about flexible seating, classroom design, fidgets, and low-tech adaptations.

AT Design Station & 3D Printing

Learn about low- to mid-tech adaptations and creating DIY PVC iPad stands, switches, and switch interfaces for toys. See examples of 3D mounts and switches.

Share STEAM & PBL Stories

Share your ideas, experiences, projects, tools and strategies for promoting accessible STEAM.

AT Professionals Stories

Learn about how assistive technology is being used to engage students in learning, connecting students with AT needs to STEM students making AT tools, and how you can engage students with disabilities as makers.