Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD) 2018

GAAD LogoThe Inclusive Learning Network celebrated  Global Accessibility Awareness Day 2018 with a webinar featuring authors from Dr. Shigeru Ikuta’s upcoming book: “Handmade Teaching Materials for Students with Disabilities.” The webinar was co-sponsored with the UDL, AT and Special Education SIG of SITE and featured ILN members  Elizabeth Dalton, Susie Gronseth, Cindy and Kevin Anderson.

You can watch a recording of the webinar with closed captions (a big ILN thank you to Dr. Susie Gronseth for her assistance with captioning these video segments):

World Usability Day 2017

The Inclusive Learning Network celebrated  World Usability Day On Thursday, November 9th with a panel of ILN members who came together to discuss the impact of usability and accessibility on all aspects of their lives – from accessing information for learning to daily living and meaningful employment.


Inclusion: different colored figures arranged in a circle, with ones in wheelchairs inside the circle.

Webinar Segments

Kendra Grant shared how she is using Trello, Inpiration and WordQ/ThoughtQ to help her maintain focus and help with writing and organization (executive functioning).

Other Resources:  Tomato Timer, Pomodoro Technique

Luis Perez shared some of the low vision supports he uses on a regular basis, including Safari Reader, the Amazon Echo and Google Home Mini for environmental control ( Hue lights), and the Marinara Pomodoro Timer for focus.

Rhianon Gutierrez shared a number of apps and strategies to support individuals who are Deaf or hard of hearing.

Dr. Cindy Anderson shared a range of both low tech and high tech aids that help her with mobility and other physical access needs.

Emily Graniero was one of our special guests who shared a number of tools that support her access learning.

Nich Hanford was our second special guest who also shared a number of learning supports he relies on to help with his education.

Online Mini-Conference on Global Accessibility Awareness Day

On the afternoon of May 18th, Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD), the ISTE Inclusive Learning Network held its first online mini-conference on digital inclusion.

Below you will find a YouTube playlist with the recordings from this online conference. Scroll down for the slides and other resources the presenters made available in their sessions.

Thank you to everyone who joined us live, and to the awesome lineup of presenters who shared their expertise!

Schedule of Presentations

1 PM – Welcome and Overview (Susie Gronseth)


1:15 PM – Overview of Design Thinking (Mindy Johnson)


1:45 PM – Accessible Learning Materials: Options for Reading (Rhianon Gutierrez)


2:15 PM – Accessible Math (Nancy Kawaja/John McGowan – creator of g(Math)/EquatIO )


2:45 PM – Options for Assessment with FreshGrade (Kendra Grant)


3:15 PM – Accessible Coding with Tickle and Sphero (Luis Perez)



Accessible Coding YouTube Video

3:45 PM – Accessible Maker Spaces (Cindy and Kevin Anderson)

4:15 PM – 3D Printing (Bill Binko, AT Makers)

AT Makers

4:45 PM – Accessible Seating Options (Jennifer Edge-Savage)


5 PM – Wrap-Up/Closing (Luis Perez, Susie Gronseth)


Puzzle pieces  Many Ways to Learn

The ISTE Inclusive Learning Network provides a number of professional learning opportunities to help its members stay up to date with the rapidly changing and exciting field of inclusive technology.


Visit our Online Presentations page to review recordings of our recent offerings, and check out our Resources page for background information on inclusion, universal design for learning and assistive technology. We are also starting a collection of member submitted Tutorials to help you learn about the latest technology tools for digital inclusion.

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