The Inclusive Learning Network has a variety of committees. If you are interested in working with one of these committee please contact the appropriate chair listed on this page.

  • Professional Learning
  • Advocacy
  • Communication
  • International

Professional Learning

 Image of a linked networkThe role of the Professional Learning Committee is to provide our members with a variety of professional learning opportunities throughout the year including webinars, twitter chats, newsletters, resources and courses.

Chair: Luis Pérez


Small hand in larger handThe advocacy committee strives to strategically advocate for technology that is inclusive of the needs of people with disabilities and exceptional learning needs. The committee works to identify opportunities to support efforts to improve accessibility of web content for, develop resources and tools that can be used to support self-advocacy efforts in the area of inclusive technology, and engage the ISTE community in conversations about the importance of accessible educational technology.

Chair: Tim Frey


Communication - speech bubblesThe Communication Committee’s goal is to share new information and insights about the activities of the Inclusive Learning Network, as well as new research, tools and resources that will support our members in their role to bring inclusion to their learning environment.

Chair: Jennifer Edge-Savage

Image of worldInternational Committee

The purpose of the International Committee is to expand contact between professionals around the world who are interested in inclusive learning issues and want to work together on them.  This Committee will expand our internationally focused content and activities, connect with other organizations with shared interests, and will expanded participation of international ILN members and others in ISTE conference activities, presentations, and other efforts of the Inclusive LN.

Chair: Cindy L. Anderson